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Team Member Institutions

Team Desert Phoenix is a diverse team from four institutions  - University of Louisville, American University in Dubai, Higher Colleges of Technology, and American University of Sharjah - poised to address this design challenge while focusing on the seven pillars of this competition, including: Sustainability, Future, Innovation, Clean Energy, Mobility, Smart Solutions, and Happiness.

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University of Louisville

With support from the Conn Center of Renewable Energy Research, faculty and students have been involved in a wide range for energy related research including development of a number of cutting edge technologies in the solar energy sector, energy related materials and energy efficiency.  UofL , along with partners at two other institutions, also successfully competed in the 2103 US DOE Solar Decathlon, winning the most economical home contest. Students and faculty from UofL are involved in the structural design, energy modeling and technology integration using holistic design and energy management.

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American University in Dubai

Faculty in the School of Architecture have had experience competing in the 2018 SDME.  A number of faculty and students from this school are participating in the architectural design of the competition entry, project management and technology based architecture.  These team members leverage their experience to ensure that the home design incorporates energy saving and sustainable technologies in a harmonious manner, while creating an appealing economical and efficient space.

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Higher Colleges of Technology

Faculty and students from the Mechanical Engineering Program at this institution have been involved in research in cutting edge HVAC systems, heat transfer and energy efficiency.  These team members apply this experience to the design and integration of refrigeration and air conditioning, and energy efficiency technologies for the proposed home.

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American University of Sharjah

Faculty and students from the Electrical and Civil Engineering Programs at this institution have been involved the design and integration of a smart home energy management system, wireless sensors, development of apps and other wireless communication. They have also been involved in sustainable water supply, greywater recycling, sustainable wastewater management research. These team members investigate smart home technologies, PV cleaning, EV charger management, and AI applications for the design of this home. They are also involved in development of sustainable water supply, greywater recycling, and sustainable wastewater management systems for the home.

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